Beautiful Sylvain Beach in Lake Oneida NY

Yesterday we crossed Lake Oneida and docked in Sylvain Beach NY.

What a quaint little town with a long beach and seasonal fair grounds , restaurants that close up when the trees change and colorful homes backing on to soft white sand. 

Who knew these places existed just a few hours from Ottawa?

We have been meeting so many people from boaters to passers by to fishermen. Sometimes they stop and question us about our distinctive boat that has been called “badass” by a lockmaster. I wish I could grab each of them and take them for a sail but alas we have no wings (sails) yet. 

We need to motor another 2 or 3 days through many locks before we can put up our masts booms and sails- a huge endeavor. 

Spoke with my little guy Sam yesterday. He looked tired after taking in Metcalfe fair this weekend. Nevertheless. he made the time for church, staying grounded with Pastor Nate. 

I’m still adjusting to this sometimes challenging off grid , tiny , floating home scenario but slowly it gets easier.  Missing friends and family is the real kicker so far. 

The rewards? Well, I get to challenge myself every day in learning  how to maneuver a large 40ft aluminum ship and see places most people never see as the canals wind through small town America where the people are humble and amazingly kind and friendly. 




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