We’ve been in Waterford NY since 6Oct. Its a beautiful city where the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers meet. It’s the oldest incorporated  city in NY.  Also, the first female gold medal swimmer in the Olympics, I think it was in the 1920s. 

We’ve walked everywhere; the laundromat,  the grocery store, the hardware store and the library and church. I’m definitely getting my walking in. 

Tomorrow we hope to cross the last lock before open ocean and New York city. Apparently the federal lock is tough due to the spacing of the lines we need to hook up to. We’ll, we will do our best.

Yesterday, we hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for some of the sailor friends alone in this season. I made a great chicken curry from scratch and they brought salad and apple crisp. We served David’s cappicolo and some Spanish olives with red wine to start. 

I’m looking forward to open ocean and sailing away from crowded docks and difficult locks.  TC is meant for open water, kind of  like a racehorse..lol.. hates the barn… 

Thanksgiving curry



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