Today, Rob and David put up the wishbone booms as well as the sails. The winds were light in the morning but by noon they picked up to 25kms making it hard to manage.

Yesterday, our mizzen mast, the one closest to the stern, gave us a hard time. The ring that holds it snug at the base had somehow constricted and the mast wouldn’t drop all the way down. David had to do some mgyvering to get it to lower down. He finally shaved off some of the resin and forced it on the mast and then lowered the mast again. It’s scary because the crane is holding the mast up while he puts his arms, head and fingers underneath the mast at times. if there is a slide on the strap or the crane moves or wind shifts or a boat gives us wake, it could mean a serious injury.  I am so glad the masting day is done. I get pretty nervous. 

We ended up all working together, 3 boats to put masts up and then Tony and Chris and Jackie, helped eventhough they already had their masts on the day before. We met a couple from US with the 1yr old gorgeous baby Silus. Scott and Ariela are a joyous young couple sailing down to Bahamas for the winter with their baby and their dog Frances. 

We also met a family from Montreal, on Elsme with their two teenagers sailing to the Bahamas. What an amazing opportunity for teens. They are old enough to help and not fall out of the boat and also see the world while being home schooled. If only, I had known this was a possibility. 

 Today, we also put up the mac packs that hold the sails when they drop. We had not really figured them out in Kingston so this was wonderful. We just need to adjust them now but they actually work! It’s a great system we didn’t have on Kairos as the sails lower right into the sail covers and you just need to zip them up and the sails are protected from the sun. 

We will anchor out tonight as they will charge us 2$US / foot for another night. the first 2 nights, if you pay for your mast craning was 1$US / foot as you have to pay for the use of their mast crane . What a great service for sailors! And the people who run Castleton Boat Club are very gracious and offer to get you what ever you need at a store. 

Rob has been absolutely a lifesaver. He is so knowlegeable and such a great help. Wish he would sail down with us to Florida! Just need to buy more coffee! He is a coffee drinking machine!

Spoke with Sam today. He is doing well at work and just adjusting to work and home without mom.  Elliana is loving her law clerk position and settling in and spending time with Puddin and her beau, Fred. Miss the kids terribly but it’s a good opportunity for them to grow, make decisions and miss mom for a bit. I look forward to spending a good chunck of December with them. Christmas without family would be a hardship, even with palm trees and sandy beaches. 

The stressful part, craning the masts!

Our beautiful 54ft masts


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