We started out with heavy fog. David made the decision to keep moving as we had the tide and 3 navigation systems. He had picked our next anchorage at Haverstraw-a designated anchorage according to Waterway Guide. It was slow, hugging the shore. We were hailed on 16, the emergency channel by a large freighter who saw us on his radar. He asked if we could give him room. I responded that we were hugging the shore. He thanked us as he passed. I told him he looked amazing in the fog. I’m sure he smiled. 16 is only meant for serious emergency chatter. He looked like a ghost ship passing by. We kept well out of the channel super close to shore with Davids superb navigating abilities.  The bridges were scary as we had to try and spot the pillars early enough to avoid them. Visibility at times was no more than 100m. However, the beauty of the fog on the Hudson was startling. The sunrise over the fog was like hope on the horizon. 

Later, we passed Westpoint. The famous training facility for army officers of the US. The cream of the crop. The buildings were striking, and they seemed carved into the cliff faces. A huge facility, Westpoint has old sections and newer buildings even houses an observatory. I prayed that the officers training would be wise and love peace. 

Then we hit the Catskill mountains. Now I know why they are famous. The mountains were almost at peak colours. The river winded through them with small towns interpersed throughout. Some lighthouses were beatufiul stone buildings in the middle of the river. We even passed Kairos’ twin- a 28 ‘ freedom!

When we arrived at Peekskill and passed it to head to our designated anchorage, we realized the entrance to the anchorage was too shallow to enter. Now we had to choose to move forward against tide and wind to our next planned achorage, 14 kms away or find something else. I was able to spot a small one directly across at Stoney Point park. We crossed the big body of water as the is the Hudson as it widens towards the big apple. We found the anchorage, perfect for our needs, protected from south and south east winds, exact wind direction we were facing plus mud bottom. We anchored with no issues. When we descended to make supper, I noticed the bilge running. David opened it up and saw water pouring in that the bilge was pumping out! Our propeller shaft had broken free, a bolt had split and left a hole where water was pouring in. David had to dive under the boat (thank God I had brought wet suit, flippers, mask and snorkel). David , sick with with a flu, dove under and pushed the shaft back in, effectively stopping the water leak. As he was tired, and ill, and only less than 2 hrs of daylight, we decided to stay put tomorrow and fix it permanently with the new screw after had rested, supper and slept as we had been up since 5. While we were looking at the damage, police boat came by asking for documents. They said they had the power to ask for documents of foreign vessels. They were not coast guard but super friendly. They started asking about the boat, and how they admired it. They were shocked when David told them, he had built it over 20 yrs. I passed them our passports, registration papers and emailed them the custom email accepting our crossing into US over the CBP Roam app. They thanked us and waved us away.  Police officers are just amazing. 


I made David a quick chicken meal, I had pate and rice cakes due to lateness and we sat in the cockpit and watched the sunset. After dark, I jumped when I heard loud explosions to ascertain that no, they weren’t shooting on the island, we were right in front of a spectacular fireworks show. We got up and walked on deck and took photos and video of an amazing fireworks display. I think God knew we needed a pick up after a stressful, long, day.  


Stone historic business along the Hudson
The looming bridges. We need to avoid the pillars
The fog is mesmerizing
Bridge overhead
Eerie slow moving monsters…

Westmount. A tiny part of it embedded into the mountain

Catskills and their multi colored blankets

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