These are new creations I made in the Chesapeake. You get so creative when you are in a boat with limited provisions. These are corn tortilas I made with corn meal, amarynth flour, chicken salsa and lettuce. YUM


Norfolk seems like the Pearl Harbour of the Atlantic. It is impressive and a little scary. My prayer is that they all sit and rust never needing to do what they are created to do. 


We barely saw another boat pass by the Enchanted Swamp (Dismal is the wrong word for it from the designer Lte Bird in 1724)

Deep Creek city.. groceries and diesel and free dock.. loud but love you..
We provisioned with food, and fuel and set motoring down the Dismal Swamp with smiles, no stress!
Tonight’s sunset at Alligator River. It’s wide open but calm seas and winds. We will be sleeping in the cockpit under the stars! Goodnight , be blessed!






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