It was a long day but we were able to get the propeller back into the shaft and bolted securely. David had a hard time of it, as he had to dive back into the cold water but he managed to bolt it back with a new bolt. Additionally, he secured the shaft so that if the bolt ever broke the shaft would not slide out and leave a hole on the bottom of the boat. I took a few shots of him diving back in and then hanging upside down over the engine. 

After that, I decided to plunge into the Hudson River, just to say that I did it. It was cold but not that much colder than St. Lawrence waters. The water though is murky and visibility is about 4 feet. 

David also wasn’t satisfied with just fixing the prop, he also poured the expoxy resin on the main mast and then we secured the dinghy over the center hatches so we could have better visibility and then lastly he asked if we could also put up the wood stove. I was exhausted and just happy our prop was fixed. David just doesn’t tire. He is like the everready bunny. He never stops. We finished all the work by 17:30. I made fishcakes and quinoa. I’m going to get my pjs on and read my book. 

I’m including a few photos of the fireworks from last night. We had front row seats. The same officer came by with a new partner and stopped by to see how the repairs were going. He again told David he loved the boat. I think he was just showing it to a different partner but they are so sweet.  What a great gig he has. Motoring a 30ft zodiac with 3  X 350 hp motors all over the catskills.. Rough!!! 

into the murky cold
David is a fish and a genius at everything boat!
very uncomfortable position that he had for long periods to access the prop shaft
We are fighting the flu, Covid??, between quercetin , zinc and vitamins and chicken soup, we both did oregano and eucalyptus steam treatments

Our safe , perfect anchorage for repairing TC
Last night’s fireworks. The police officer who returned today said there had been a festival.

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